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ROCK 97.9 Live On Location

Posted on by Nick The Promo Guy

Friday, September 5, 2014
1P – 5P
Marks Work Warehouse
19 Reidel Street Unit 200

Saturday September 6, 2014
Zebra Hot Tubs
254 Gregoire Drive

Saturday September 6, 2014
Sawridge Inn

If you would like to book us on location for your next event, call 780-743-2246


LISTEN: Pantera’s “Walk” w/ Phil Anselmo’s Vocals Only

Posted on by chris byrne

This is pretty cool, Pantera‘s Phil Anselmo sing “Walk” with vocals only…


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The Foo, preview, a song, for you!

Posted on by Cubb

foo goo
The Foo Fighters are sharing a preview of a second song from their forthcoming album, “Sonic Highways.” It’s the second clip of new Foo music from the project, following an 8-second tease featuring a classic Dave Grohl scream as he sings, “All rise!”  Check it out here.

WATCH: Parents Back To School Music Video

Posted on by chris byrne

These parents found a way to celebrate the back to school with the whole family music video…

Back to School

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Super Golden Friends

Posted on by kevin.albus

I would watch this show religiously. What lessons could we learn? But I gotta say I was gonna hope the Hulk woulda been Sophia. Go from a little old lady to a green beast that could crazy with…dementia?

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Bobcat Loads Itself on to Truck

Posted on by kevin.albus

Now thats some skill. Talk about saving on money for a ramp or another employee to help you out- there might be someone else in the truck, but other than that thats pretty impressive!

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Jeep Launches Over Truck

Posted on by kevin.albus

In a Dukes of Hazard meets Grand Theft Auto like fashion it looks like a Jeep went up a ramp of some sort cause it got some air. I really hope no one was injured. Not sure if the car drifted over or if the driver intentionally drove towards the ramp. Either way this is a reason to obviously never try this in real life.

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Iron Maiden Live in Lego, and it’s not Run to the Hills!

Posted on by Cubb

To watch video, click here.

UPDATED!!! WATCH: UFC 177 Embeded

Posted on by chris byrne

Have you seen the latest UFC Embeded? Who would have guessed this footage would be so valuable…

Here’s the other episodes:

UFC Embeded Episode 1

UFC Embeded Episode 2

UFC Embeded Episode 3


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New Nickelback!!

Posted on by Cubb

backCanadian rockers Nickelback will release their new album, “No Fixed Address”, on November 4.  Chad says, “We are very excited to be releasing new music for our fans and feel it’s some of our strongest material to date. ” Nickelback recently released a lyric video for “Edge Of A Revolution”, the lead single from “No Fixed Address.” View it here.

WATCH: Attractive People Get Tased In Slow-Motion For A Photo Shoot

Posted on by chris byrne

Photographer Patrick Hall films people’s reactions as they get tased with a handheld stun gun. The results are priceless…

Here’s the “Behind The Scenes” look at how this photoshoot was done…

Taser Shoot

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