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ROCK 97.9 Live On Location

Posted on by Nick The Promo Guy

Thursday, December 18,2014
Borealis Diamonds
19 Reidel St

Friday, December 26, 2014
1P – 5P
Legacy Dodge
324 Gregoire Drive

Saturday December 27, 2014
9A – 1P
Legacy Dodge
324 Gregoire Drive

If you would like to book us on location for your next event, call 780-743-2246


Our Gift To You : The Rock 97.9 Yule Log!

Posted on by Shaun

We’ve been working on this for a while, it’s our version of the ‘Yule Log’  Leave it on in the back and enjoy! (NSFW)

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Dr. Evil makes a suprise entrance last night on SNL

Posted on by Shaun

Mike Myers aka Dr. Evil made an appearance on last night’s SNL, talking about “The Interview” and North Korea”. Pretty Funny!


WATCH: The Final 8 Mins of “The Colbert Report”

Posted on by chris byrne

Sadly, Stephen Colbert has ended The Colbert Report after 9 years. He’ll be taking over for David Letterman next Fall. I was crying like a little girl last night while this was on. Great way to finish your run, Stephen.

I found this video of the final song w/ annotations…

This is the original broadcast ending…


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Link to Linkin for free.

Posted on by Cubb


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INTERVIEW: Syncrude Hunger Striker Mike Sharpe

Posted on by chris byrne

If you’ve passed the gate at Syncrude over the last week or so, you may have noticed a guy standing outside with a sign that says “Hunger Strike For Safety Day ____”.

Hunger 2
His name is Mike Sharpe. Here is my interview with him…

Will Gibson, Media Relations Advisor of Syncrude had this response from the company…

Download [0:34] 0.5MB

This is a picture Mike shared on our Facebook Page

Hunger Strike - Mike Sharpe Posted To Our FB

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KISS tell all from the peeps who saw all.

Posted on by Cubb


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Godsmack – FML

Posted on by kevin.albus

F-16 fighter jet does a low pass over crowd

Posted on by kevin.albus

Viktor Fasth and Furious Loses It on Teammates

Posted on by kevin.albus

WATCH: South Park’s All-New Holiday Special – #HappyHolograms

Posted on by chris byrne

Last night, South Park aired their holiday special and took shots at: Iggy Azalea, U2, Angelina Jolie, Lady Gaga, Taylor Swift, Bill Cosby and holograms of Elvis Presley, Kurt Cobain and Michael Jackson.


I thought they did an AMAZING job of tackling the Bill Cosby allegations…

And this Kurt Cobain had the potential to be WAY darker…

You can watch the Full Episode HERE!

South Park - Bill Cosby

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